Monday, 4 April 2011

Beauty and the Beasts...

Another old LPL entry and a great excuse to rescue these fellas and fella-ess from the lead pile!

Looking forward to making up a daft scenario and names for these and getting a game in some time soonish....

Hasslefree Kalee

Citadel beasties


  1. Very nice, as always! The twoheaded beast, wasn't he on one of the old Citadel Combat Cards or something? If so, he probably had a suitable wacky name that you can use for him :-).
    All the best, and thansk for sharing these old models!

  2. Yep - Gregor-Kurt the twin!

    In fact I used the card as a bit of a reference but exaggerared the greenish tinge of the flesh to suggest the venom coursing through his body from his snake arm.

    Sure I could come up with something dafter though...

  3. Great stuff as always. I remember having that two headed guy in my Realms of Chaos warband for a while.

    The cow-headed centaur looks passingly familiar too, but only from the waist down. I wonder if I might have owned a version with the same horse-part but a different torso.

  4. I think it was the basic centaur body - got another two with different upper bodies waiting in the paint queue...

  5. That two-headed fellow is a great model. I'd want him as an ettin it weren't for his snake-hand. NIce painting on all of these.

  6. Cracking pictures and Figures.

    Which manufacturer made the lovely lass?

  7. Cheers Andrew - yeah maybe a bit too mutated for an ettin!

    Kingsleypark - thanks and she's from Hasslefree.