Sunday, 6 February 2011

Near the Mark?

 Thanks for the comments chaps - I've decided to go with the design after all...

It may not be the most Orcy of designs but these ladz aren't your typical Orcs. Seeing themselves as somewhat superior to the average grunt who has to march all the way into combat to get stuck in, the archers have decked themselves out in looted Bretonnian uniforms (fancy ragz!) and believe that they look rather dashing and roguish. 

The shields also serve a practical purpose as well as looking right fancy - when there's no fightin' going on the boyz can relax with a bit of target practice - usually involving one of the stupider members of the unit standing at the end of the field holding his shield aloft! Things can be made more challenging by strapping one of the shields to the back of an unfortunate Goblin and setting him off running!

Besides I have an idea that will carry on the theme for the unit champion's shield...

See what you think!

Had fun sticking some arrows in a few of the shields - paper clips for the shafts with painted paper flights -

Once I get the last three archers done, along with the champion and drummer I should, as if by magic have completed both archer units for the Severed Hand and Kwae Karr tribes, and ended up with a 21 (got a spare orc from somewhere!) strong unit of Harboth's Orc Archers - pics to follow...


  1. Hmm, OK I'll give it to you, these look fine, nice little bit of fluff to go with them too, you'll have to come up with a new name for the champion now though...

  2. Cheers Erny - it was too daft an idea to pass up!

    How about Innnwun Grimbowen (oblique Bullseye reference in case you missed it!)