Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Elemental my dear chap...

Nearly ready to play the next instalment in my mini-campaign, set in the Ramalian mountains near Orc's Drift!
As you may know I'm looking forward to testing out Dave's magic rules which didn't get a look in during my last game - A Miner Engagement.

To that purpose I surmised that my budding magicians will need things to summon if they're going to do a bit more than chuck fireballs around at each other - so I painted this!

The old citadel Earth Elemental - again another impulse buy on ebay for a few quid! Luckily I had an old scenic base lying around which was rather fun and easy to create the effect of the elemental bursting from the ground - you could tell that's what he was doing right?!

Thought I'd also include a teaser pic from the upcoming game, Escape from the Larder of Doom!!!

Will the Gnomish wizard be squashed by the looming elemental or is he summoning the being to do his bidding... Cue dramatic music! 

Can you dig it?!

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