Sunday, 20 February 2011

Hagar the Horrible...

Well I've reached another milestone in my Orc's Drift project - The Severed Hand Tribe are now complete!

For once I managed to save the exciting character minis till last as a treat, instead of facing endless ranks of ordinary soldiers in a slog to the finish!

And here they are...

Hagar Sheol - Chieftain of the Severed Hand

As you can see I haven't managed to afford the crazy prices the original scenario mini goes for on ebay so I've used Eeza Ugezod of Mother Crushers fame in his place - not a bad proxy I think!

I had fun with his shield design - to tie in with the theme of hands doing various things I thought I'd give Hagar a touch of class with this reproduction of Michaelangelo's famous painting of the Creation of Adam! Unfortunately I couldn't fit both God's and Adam's hands in and as you can't beat a good lightning bolt or three, they finished the design off... 

The last two minis that complete the tribe are the drummer and Champion from Harboth's Orc Archers, who will be placed, funnily enough, with the Severd Hand's archer unit - more pics to follow of the now completed Regiment of Renown in my next post...

Of course I had to repeat the archery target emblem on the drums for the musician - how else does he know which bit to hit!

And I may have gone a step too far with daft shield designs for the champion...

What with all the bullseyes around I felt this character would be quite fitting to adorn his shield!
For those of you unfamiliar with the old UK TV show, Bullseye, have a look here and you might just fathom out what on earth I'm on about!

Anyway, back to Orc's Drift - that now leaves me with the Vile Rune Tribe (still purchasing minis for this one!) and the Elves - not far to go now!


  1. Looking good! That's a fine mob of orcs you have there.

  2. Ta muchly - I'm certainly happy they're finished!

    Now to finish tracking down a few moe minis for the Vile Rune Tribe...