Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A bad case of Toxophily...

Well here's the last of the archers - just the drummer and champion to go...

Hopefully I'll get time this weekend to put them through their paces, as Dave King, of Bederken fame, has posted up the latest version of his excellent and free rules set - Skulldred -

I'm thinking along the lines of a band of desperate Dwarf miners trapped up in the mountains above the Fendal Plains, behind the Orc advance on Orc's Drift.

Cue a roaming band of Orcs on foraging duty looking for their tea...


  1. Thanks for the link to Skulldred - I shall check that one out forthwith!

  2. Ok, stupid question alert:

    When you look for orcs/goblins for yourself are you looking for a specific year or from a specific catalogue? I guess I'm trying to ask if the aesthetic of the citadel orcs/goblins changed much over the 80s and if you have a preference? Cheers

  3. No worries Von - definitely worth a go!

    Kiltedyaksman - I don't think it changed massively. Depends on the sculptor I suppose - the Perry Brothers' orcs have a different character to the Kev Adams ones I think.

    Mid 1980s -

    Later 1980s -

    Although a lot of the earlier sculpts are included in the '88 and '89 catalogue.

    I tend to concentrate on the later Kev Adams sculpts but I rather like some of the Perry orcs too.

    As I need another 22 warriors to finish off the Vile Rune Tribe I'm not too fussy at the mo if the price is right!

  4. Ok, thank you. I appreciate the knowledge :)