Thursday, 14 October 2010

Red Dogs of the North...

So finally got round to painting up some of the lovely ogres Leadasbestos (another fellow LAFer!) very, vey kindly sent me a while ago - sorry they've taken so long mate!

These two are troopers from the second version of Golgfag's Mercenary Ogres - great minis and only slightly smaller than the later Jes Goodwin ogres.

Looking for another strong theme for the shields (especially as they are nice and flat and sculpted onto the backs of all the minis) I decided that the name of their tribe might be a good starting place. Rutdrogg sounded to me like it could be ogre dialect for red dog or even red wolf - a fitting image for these merciless raiders from the frozen North...

Next up will be the command group - musician, standard bearer and Goldfag himself. Just need to get hold of the champion now...!

Then I suppose I'd best paint some more greenies for Orc's Drift...

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