Sunday, 3 October 2010

Lets have a big hand for....

The Severed Hand Tribe - or some of them anyway!

Got half the warriors done so only another ten to go, plus ten archers, plus Hagar Sheol...

Command -

Love the gobbo-drumskin on this drummer -

Also tried some chips on this Big'un's armour - better view from behind but forgot to take a pic!

Also tried my hand at these brilliant Hobgoblins (Thanks Kidterminal from the LAF!). They are here as part of a cultural, diplomatic and military exchange program - the Severed Hand Tribe prides itself on its approach to diversity in the workplace don't you know! That and they get hobhounds on the cheap too!

The rest of the boyz - Thanks also to Phreedh again for some of these great old minis!

and I am pretty chuffed with how the shields are turning out - just need to think of a few more gestures for the hands to make - suggestions welcome!


  1. The shields look great! Maybe a victory sign next?

  2. I reckon that would be good - as well as a reverse victory sign!

  3. At last I finally have my hands on some matte medium. Would you be able to post a walk-through on how you use it exactly? Sya you were going to paint a pouch or a hood, something like that. I'd really appreciate it! :)

  4. Congrats - its great stuff!

    Just putting the finishing touches to the next bunch of orcs but I'll see what I can rustle up after I've posted pics for them if you like.

  5. That would be awesome! I'll watch for it :)