Sunday, 10 October 2010

You gotta hand it to them...

Continuing the hand theme for the Severed Hand tribe I felt inspired enough to gather all the remaining shield bearing orcs I had left and get them painted quick smart!

The older Perry sculpts were a little trickier as they weren't as detailed facially as the Kev Adams and Nick Lund stuff - probably need to go back at some stage with some more highlights...

However it was the shields I was mainly concerned with and lots of fun they were too!

Inspired by VoodooInk's neat names for some of the last bunch I present -

'Pollice Verso'

'The Fonz'

'Live long and prosper'

'Rock On'

'Flipping the Bird'

There may be a little tension over who leads this tribe as I've realised that I have two versions of the mighty Ugezod himself! Thanks again to Kidterminal of the LAF for this older version and Guzrog Dogchild a bit further up - also from the Death Commandos set! I also have the newer version from Ugezod's Mothercrushers, who makes a good stand in for the Hagar Sheol scenario mini which commands such crazy prices on ebay!


And the motley crew so far...


  1. Very cool! I'd like to see these guys in my Hirst Arts dungeon :)

  2. Thanks! Got a few Hirst Arts bits myself - mixed bag off ebay - looks like I may be able to build a bridge and some ruins with them.

    Currently painting an orc archer for the "how to" ...

  3. Nice improvement to the old Sauraman's white hand motif. When painting my orcs I went for a night sky moon, star, bones motif. I'll have to make a hand print warband next time.

  4. Ta very much - just thought all that blak and white might get a bit tedious after a while!

    Sounds like a good motif you've hit on there too - can't beat a good old bad moon!

  5. I'd be delighted if you checked out the orcs on my blog. I just love the look of the Vendel Miniatures line. I've only painted 6 orcs so far. I bought a big box of them on eBay years ago. I need to get on some more!

  6. Very nice too - not really come across Vendel before but I like them - very Tolkienesque/traditional style orcs and goblins if that makes sense - nice paintjobs as well!

    That's a very nice blog you got there - and a new follower!