Monday, 20 September 2010

Tremble at the word of the King...

... and quake before his vengeance!

Especially as Fyarr's own tribe, the Kwae Karr Orcs, are now finished...

Don't know whether the name Kwae Karr is a reference to the Quakers or not - or why you'd make such a reference or why that would be funny!  - must be a joke in that name somewhere - took me a while to get the Fyarr Guard so do let me know if I'm missing something obvious! Only thing I can think of is Quaker Oats?

Anyway to get the first Orc tribe under my belt is definitely a relief, although I now have another 30 orcs to paint up for the Severed Hand Tribe sitting in front of me!

Enough blather on with the pics!

As you can possibly make out Ruglud's Armoured Orcs make up the main part of the warriors with the motley mix of other 80s Kev Adams orcs making them up to a nice round strength of 40! King Fyarr and his Fyarr Guard lurk in the back of the picture, whilst half of Harboth's Orc Archers, including Harboth himself and his standard bearer, make up the tribe's contingent of missile troops.

Was over the moon to get the original Bagrash mini a while back, so the shaman I was using before, who came with the War Wyvern, has been relegated to the ranks of the warriors!

His shield was fun to paint (although the ears went a little big!) and gave me a nice flat surface to get to grips with the crowned head symbol of King Fyarr - might replace the shields on the Fyarr guard for flat plastic ones and repeat the design there as well...

Finally we have the last additions - the afore-mentioned Harboth and his standard bearer. Tried to give them a bit of colour to stand them out from the rank and file a bit - not sure whether its a bit bright with the reds and blues yet... The shields will stay stripy till I think of something else too!


  1. What an amazing bowl-full old-school orcy goodness. Always liked that standard of the chaos warrior armour on a stick, just perfectly orcish. Great paintjobs, and they look suitably fearsome ranked up together. Amazing scenery too, as ever.

    P.S. If I say Quaker Oats in a really bad impression of a Chinese accent, it sounds exactly like "Kwae Karr Orcs". I suppose the Elf / Dwarf /Human coalition could 'have them for breakfast' as it were?

  2. Thanks - most kind of you!

    Haha - I had similar thoughts on their name - one of Quaker Oats' slogans back in the 80s was, according to google, -

    "It's the right thing to do. And the tasty way to do it."

    a reference maybe to Fyarr's vengeance on the people of Ramalia - with one or two unfortunate souls ending up roasting over the Orcs' campfires after a hard day's pillaging?!