Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Light at the end of the tunnel...

Thought it might be a good time to take stock.

Orc forces left to paint:

Kwae Karr Orcs - complete apart from Bagrash and 2 archers (Harboth and his standard bearer)

Severed Hand Orcs - Hagar Sheol (Ugezod mini!), 10 archers, 20 warriors.

Vile Rune - Need to paint 36 more warriors - of which I need to buy 31 more! I'm slowly going off the idea of using my 19 strong savage orc unit from the 90s - need more 80s orcy goodness from Kev Adams!

So total number of orcs needed to paint - 70 orcs...

Grand League

Wood Elves of Kachass Pass - 21 Skarloc's archers.

Brommedir's Bows - 14 plastic Wood Elf bowmen from the Warhammer Regiments box?

Total Elves - 35

So total number of minis left to paint is... 104!

While I'm at it here's some group shots of all the Grand League forces gathered together in Linden Way - should cheer me up and rouse me into more action!

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