Monday, 20 September 2010

For you Shorty ze Var is over...

Just a bit of a reshuffle for the Dwarfs of Ashak Rise...

Much as I love my crossbow-toting gnome I felt he would be happier with the rest of his kin waiting for the day I get to paint them up as a little warband for the odd game of SOBH/Skulldred/Havoc!

Besides I had managed to procure, some time ago now, my fave dwarf mini ever... Nobby the crossbowman!

Dunno what it is I like so much about him - perhaps its the Don't catch a cold on that nasty battlefield! look he carries off so well with his quilted armour?

The other replacement is the excellent and very fitting Dwarf miner holding aloft a nugget of pure gold - the whole reason this band of miscreants deserted their posts and began their illicit gold-panning operation in the first place!

Thought I'd try out some river scenery I got for a steal off ebay ages ago too - its been waiting for a bit of a tidy up and some washes to make the water less bright and blue, but it doesn't look too shabby in these pics!

Couldn't resist this mini, again on ebay, and he'll fit in nicely with the looter for many other scenarios I'm sure...

It was a little tricky deciding who he would replace until I noticed the little fella I had originally used for Snorinn (before I got the original scenario mini) looked a very similar size to the gnome - just a little smaller all over than the other dwarfs. So it was settled - off he went to join the gnome adventurers!

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