Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Spike-Can Commandos Part II

Phew! Finally finished painting up the rest of the unit! Rather proud of these - first regiment fully painted (minus the original crossbows that are supposed to be slung across their backs...) which has been quite an effort!

Anyway I waffled enough in the last post so here's the piccies!

The individual troopers -

Gudruk Bonechewer

the chief, Ruglud -  

Bambrag - whining, incontinent shaman and musician on the Xylobone!

and Maggot - youngest and most irritating whelp of the tribe!



  1. Nice work Thantsants. Will these be making their way onto the Battle Reporter forum ?

    Good old Ruglud, he still looks the business :)

    PS. I'll add you to the Battle Reporter blogroll (

  2. Cheers Sigmar - these fellas should be on the forum by now.

    I'll put the link up for the Fantasy Battle Allies blogroll - 27th! Ta very much!