Saturday, 13 March 2010

Here come the cavalry (minus horses)

So, our pint-sized hero, now going by the name of Halfred Shortwick, can stop sweating now - backup has arrived. Or at least half has...

First up is Snorrison the Barred (from every Inn in the land...)

He was a mini of a dead Norseman, which wasn't a whole lot of use! I've scultped (use this word lightly!) a crude wooden tankard to bring him back from the dead to a life of Bachanalian pleasures!

Next up we have Dolf Hamrison - a Norse Were and beserker, currently in wolf form!

Think he'll also be useful as a shape-changer for my wood elves too...

And last but not least, Bruni Bersi - the brown bear - a rather taciturn and dour Norse hunter/scout...

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