Monday, 31 July 2017

Bring Out Your Lead 2017

Hello strangers - been a bit quiet round here recently!

That would be down mainly to being on either end of the spectrum of consciousness. Thanks to my job I spend a lot of time doing hard physical work outdoors which leads to this kind of result of an evening...

However the looming deadline of BOYL 2017 and the many miniatures I needed to paint for the many games I was involved in led to this contrasting state of mind...

This year I also had a cunning plan - take a week off work before BOYL and get all the stuff I'd been procrastinating over done in good time.

And by jove it worked!

My painted total for last week was as follows:

80 zombies and 6 mounted characters for the next installment of my and Warlord Paul's long running Trolltooth Wars campaign.

100 or so Tyranids for a replay of the Glazer's Creek battle report in White Dwarf 222 - originally a Rourke's Drift style battle between Imperial Guard and Space Orks where we swapped the Orks for Tyranids

12 Space Fleet ships that I'd almost forgotten about!

A 6x4'ish game board to play the Glazer's Creek game on and a whole bunch of scatter terrain.

Definitely looking forward to relaxing with some smaller scale painting projects in the near future!

Of course I don't need to reiterate how fantastic an event BOYL is and how brilliant a host the Ansells are but I will. Huge thanks to the hosts, organisers and participants alike for making this a truly special weekend!

I'll leave the reporting of the whole event to those who were far more sensible and gave themselves time to wander round rather than burying their head in a gaming table! Check out Orlyg's report and James' report - great stuff!

I'll also leave a more detailed look at the games I was involved in for separate posts but I'll finish up here with a few pics of the Helsreach table. I arrived early on Friday morning and whilst admiring the awesome scene that was being created before us, I was invited to join in a quick go at the fantastic Jet Bike race - one of the many scenarios and games that took place on that incredible table.