Sunday, 14 June 2015

Many hounds are the death of the hare

And many hounds are what I now have - although they'll probably be more interested in Dwarf, Human or Elf as a snack to hare!

My old Orc's Drift project gave me a bit of a head start on this as I needed 10 hounds for Grashak Kra, the hound handler of the Severed Hand Tribe. I have since added five more and sourced five handlers.

I went back and reread the description in the 3rd ed. rule book and was surprised that I'd forgotten a lot of the background -

I love the idea of domesticated Chaos Hounds and the prospect of modelling one with a few Chaos attributes will be fun when I get round to collecting a unit of Hobhound riders. Hopefully Warploque Miniatures will be bringing out there Hobgoblins sometime soon...

Here's the trainers and their charges -

Barbrha Wudhaos - a very stern trainer.

Dhugal Zebdhi - he's got a bit of a sweet tooth.

Hoo 'ch Ternhur - what's a bit of dog slobber between friends? 

Lhasi Ri 'n Ti 'n Ti 'n - always there when someone's in trouble...

Cujo - he's a bit mad.


  1. Wonderful, it's so rare to see a pack of hobhounds that large, they cost a mint on eBay. It will be something new to see a hobgoblin mercenary contingent.

    1. I think I must have got them when the getting was good. Mind you the last five I purchased a couple of weeks ago and didn't pay more than around £3 a model - many hours of searching ebay mind!

      As for a mercenary contingent - I'm going for the whole army! Yet to come are a small unit of Hobyars and another unit of Hobgoblin warriors, a small band of skirmishing archers, Chaos Centaur and Ogre allies, my Hobgoblin rocket troops - not to mention some subjugated Goblin Wolfriders, mercenary Black Orcs, a lobotomised slave Ogre baggage train and a war altar...

      Watch this space!

  2. Wow, Thantsants, what an impressive Hobgoblin army you have put together (and there's more coming?!)! These hounds and handlers are terrific and happily makes me think of the opening of the first Conan movie (the Greatest Movie Of All Time!!). I eagerly await the next installment of Hobgoblin wonder...

    1. Cheers bud and I think I'd agree with you their about Conan - brilliant film! I hear there's finally to be a new Conan film made with Arnie - hope that doesn't disappoint!

      Rottweilers were definitely the inspiration for my colour choices although I'd hasten to add that I've met a good few Rotties in my time who were great big softies.

      I'm leaning towards doing the baggage train next as I have a minis stewing the dettol pot that need stripping to complete some of the other units...

  3. Very nice! Looking forward to seeing these at BOYL.

    Sadly my own hobgoblin project has gone very much onto the back burner, but one day... Don't think I'll ever manage to amass that many hounds though!

    1. Cheers Paul - look forward to seeing your Hobgoblins some time in the future.

      My little pack has been six or so years in the making - never say never!

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  5. Awesome! Great minis and images! I agree with PW, these pictures make me think of the scene of Conan running across the plains of Spain trying to escape from the wolves. Great job!