Sunday, 16 June 2013

Empire Knights - Take Two

Hello again - more improved pics with my new camera.

This time the Front Rank (War of the Roses) mounted knights and General

And the Perry Pikemen led by a Citadel Fighter.

These guys will have to wait awhile for reinforcements - got a few other projects to get through first!


  1. Those are great looking figures! I've been meaning to do some 28mm Conquistadors for my imaginary Mondo Pizarro Conquering Prince of Imajapoor.

    1. Interesting you should mention Conquistadors - I'm mulling over whether or not these chaps might show up at the climax of the Battle for Rigg's Shrine - just to complicate matters even further, what with their already being Amazons, Norse, Slann and rebellious Lizardmen levies running about the place...