Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Bog Gobs Ahoy!

Ah, another job done! Had some of these boys on the painting table for far too long. Sculpted by Kev Adams for the excellent Four A Miniatures, these chaps are great fun to paint up. If you're reading Andy - we just need those mounted Goblins now!

They join the original Soggy Bottom Boyz to form a warband 15 strong - about time I tried out the latest beta of Skulldred methinks...

... although I could probably do with painting up the Four A Goblin Shaman I purchased some time ago.

Here we have the command group - thought I'd echo the Hot Tuna design from the shield of the one of the original Soggy Bottom Lads. 

I love all the aquatic details - sea shell armour and shields and scaley armour.

Had a go at a tortoise shell shield for the champion - not sure I got it 100%, was quite pleased with the effect anyway.


I was well chuffed with how the middle guy's shield turned out.

More spearmen and an archer

Had a blast painting these and I have a few other Four A minis to finish off - the latest Piranha Boys and another Demon. As I seem to be having a little break from the Magnificent Sven I might get a few of these loose ends tied up.

Talking of new Kev Adams Goblins, I look forward to receiving the excellent Pirate Goblins that he sculpted for Treps' new line of Old School miniatures - congratulations on the successful Indiegogo campaign by the way!

Oh yeah, and then there's the big guy... 


  1. These look spectacular!!! I love them...and they are now on the "want" list...thanks Bud...sigh

    Excellent work mate!

  2. Beautiful work! Love the standard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wonderful miniatures. I love the character, such a rich unit!

  4. Thanks chaps - glad you liked them

    Get yourself over to Four A Blue - you know you want to! ;)

    Cheers Mouse - I'm not a surfer but I love that Hot Tuna.

    Thanks Adeptgamer - each one's certainly a character in his own right and loads of fun to paint.