Tuesday 11 September 2012

A Challenge of Giant Proportions...

So on the back of my post about the FF Ferocious Ogre/Day-glo orange Giant from the 3rd ed rulebook, my old LAF buddy Phreedh has lain down the gauntlet. A paint off to the finishing line on our FF Ogre variants!

Last time we indulged in a similar contest he won, although I forget what we were painting, the memory being so painful! Well this time I intend to even the score.

My painting desk is clear...

I'm stocked up on orange paint...

And I've just about finished cleaning the big fella up - 

I've even had a go at pushing some putty round - there was a huge nasty mold line that needed some attention and this chap is made of that slightly bendy plastic that doesn't take well to files. I managed to cut most of it away without any huge slip-ups, although there were some areas that needed smoothing out.

And some new toes making! The original feet were a little soft on detail and as these great loafers are going to be the last thing many a miniature will see on the tabletop, I felt they could do with some attention. I'm certainly not very skilled in sculpting and I'm pretty sure Miliput wasn't the best material to use, but I was pleasantly surprised with the results of my efforts!

I've also extended his mullet to hide the join between head and shoulders - luckily he doesn't have particularly fine hair so my rudimentary hair dressing skills were able to emulate his unruly bonnet.

I need to a bit more work on his hand to block up the unused weapon slot and give some more definition to his fingers. Next time he'll have some paint on him hopefully...


  1. A lot of inspirations here! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Can't wait to see this finished! - great idea!

  3. Can I enter the competition? Though obviously the first to get two painted up is the winner.

    I'm going to have to show you a trick I learnt in my soft plastic 20mm war gaming days about removing mould lines. It involves a candle and a pin, you can probably guess the rest.

    1. Haha - more than welcome Erny. I may bow out of round two though!

      Clever trick that - definitely better than my hatchet job.

  4. Thanks fellas - tidy up and base coat tonight. More pics when there's something interesting to see.

    Mind you, can't have the competition getting too many insights to my progress ;)