Sunday, 12 June 2011

Vile Bodies...

Onwards and upwards as I trundle towards the end of my Orc's Drift project!

And onwards and upwards with the Vile Rune Tribe - ironically the Orc tribe that features in the first scenario of Orc's Drift - I never was one to do things the right way round!

Finished some more savages and a few of their more "civilised" spearmen colleagues.

The savages were a blast to paint as ever and I've had fun using a number of different references for their warpaint, including  Native American Indian, Celtic and Aboriginal.

The spearmen were painted pretty speedily so nowt special I'm afraid - conscious of the 20 or so more I have left to do!

Shield designs were taken from the illustrations of the Vile Rune's banner in the scenario booklet.

The new additions altogether -

... and the tribe so far

- Guthrum Mane, the Hill Giant, and Fangor Gripe the chieftain have been added - as has Silas Meel, with whom all this madness started with!

I make that about 15 months I've been plugging away at this particular project!


  1. Cheers matey!

    Looking forward to painting the rest of the tribe up - some old favourites of mine to come!

    Getting there slowly...

  2. You persistence can only be compared with that of time itself... you're truly an inspiration, mate. Or well... your level of persistence is an inspiration. :D :P

  3. Haha - reckon I'm just stubborn!

    Work seems to have got the best of me recently - got 5 more spearmen nearly based up and ready and a load more orcs prepped and undercoated...