Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Sandbags at dawn...

Just a little post and also the reason why there has been a bit of an impasse with The Impasse at Ortar Pass -

I realised that as I had fielded two Dwarf sapper teams in the Grand League army (they haven't done much so you might not have noticed them yet!) I didn't have anything to represent the stockades they are capable of building.

So I figured they would probably be in the business of building sandbag walls in the midst of a battle rather than earthen ramparts with timber supports - plus sandbags are quite easy to make out of milliput!

Dashed these off quickly last night and have just got them painted this evening - might see if I can get a bit more of the game played before bedtime...

As the WFB 3rd ed (and probably 2nd ed) state - sappers can spend a turn building defenses. As they build them at a rate of 1 inch a turn I thought it might be a good idea to make the pieces modular and roughly 1 inch long - that way I can keep up with where and how much they've built. The little plasticard bases they're on have rounded ends that fit into each other so I can build in curves and corners should the desire so take me!

Right - on with the game...

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