Monday, 30 August 2010

So how many Hob Hounds can a Hob Hound Handler handle - well...

... ten according to the Severd Hand Orcs Command Sheet from the Orc's Drift scenario pack...

Personally I have problems with one Chocolate Labrador but Grashak Kra - the Hob Hound Handler in question is obviously made of sterner stuff, or at least not too fussy if his charges don't quite walk to heel!

I'm amazed I've actually ended up with more of these lovely?! old Hob Hound minis than I need for the scenario - for a while I thought I was stuck with five and would never see their like at an affordable price on ebay again - now I have fifteen and not time to paint them all up!

Here's the ten I need for the Ashak Rise scenario doing what they should be - hunting down stunties!

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