Monday, 3 August 2009

Silurians and Sea Devils

Another Reason Not To Go Potholing...

The Silurians were great Who monsters and having read Bloodheat I was inspired to put together an invasion force for their next takeover bid.

Painted up an Icthar mini as the colony leader Morka - miraculously back from the dead! Pictured here with a Nanotyrranus from Copplestone Castings.

Here's the rest of the rank and file - shame there are only two poses for the Silurian warriors but al least they are pretty faithful representations.

No self respecting Silurian would embark on a war of extermination against the apes without a few fighting animals -

Allosaurus - Ral Partha I think - bargain off Ebay!

Pterodactyll - Copplestone Castings

Nanotyrannus - Copplestone Castings

Had to include their aquatic brethren, the Sea Devils, for some heat ray action -

Not forgetting the "fearsome" Myrka!!

And here are a few shots of them in action -

Also wrote a four part Invasion Earth scenario to go with the scaly ones -

Vengeance From Below

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