Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Tinpot Dictators...

More stuff from the archive - This was my first project having bought the Invasion Earth Box Set, Dalek Patrol and a few other bits and bobs.

Lurking in the following pics you will see Davros, a Suicide Dalek, Special Weapons Dalek and Engineer Dalek, a couple of Ogrons, plus a few command options - painted up some Warrior Daleks as the Black, Gold and Red Daleks (Saucer Pilot). Not sure if these were compatible as far as Dalek history goes - just liked the colour schemes! Talking of colour schemes, although I was tempted by the classic silver and blue livery, as Davros was present I had to go with the old Grey and Black as seen in Genesis of the Daleks - the best Dalek story!

Daleks exterminating Cybermen!

Daleks exterminating Humans!

A scene from Day of the Daleks -

and finally the whole Dalek force so far... ...need more Ogrons!

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