Monday, 13 February 2017

Slay a little Troll for me...

Everyone always said that Bakraz Drakkenklad had a bit of slayer in him - hence the moniker Bakraz (Dwarven for nutter!). So it was certainly no surprise when his estranged brother turned up on the eve of battle with his merry band of lunatics and pariahs. 

Zaki Wattock was (despite his name - wattock meaning unsuccessful) ironically a very good slayer. Despite his failings in the eyes of conventional Dwarf society, Zaki soon climbed the ranks of slayerdom to the dubious heights of Dragonslayer.

He was closely followed by his cousin Krunk Thrakdok, or Old One Eye as he was known affectionately by his colleagues.

 Despite his disability, Krunk had elevated himself to the status of Giantslayer, greatly aided by his fearsome double-handed weapon, Toe-stubber!

The rest of the gang were comprised of the usual failures, madmen and downright nasty dregs of Dwarf society.

Let's see if they earn some tattoos with their prowess on the battlefield...


  1. Excellent painting and fluff..... more please!

  2. A great looking unit, Thantsants! Nice work!

  3. Thanks very much all! Got a few more Dwarves to do yet - another 20 Warriors, some more artillery and a baggage train which I'm saving till the end!

  4. Great looking unit! Well done :)