Sunday, 19 February 2017

Nice Cold Ice Cold...


Another bunch of Dr Who minis that never got photographed when I painted them last year. I've always had a soft spot for the Ice Warriors - they seemed a bit more complex than your average Dalek or Cyberman. From the first encounters with the 2nd Doctor when they were desperate invaders trying to escape their own dying world to the peace-keeping troops of the Galactic Federation during the 3rd Doctor's tenure, these Martian reptilians have kept the Doctor in his toes!

I was quite glad to get hold of the Harlequin Ice Warrior collection set to give my small force some variety of pose. As always the problem with fielding any number of these old minis from the Harlequin range is the limited number of different sculpts available.

These chaps are certainly a bit more dynamic than the other Ice Warrior sculpt and the Ice Lord is certainly more imposing than the smaller scaled Citadel Ice Lord I already have.

A welcome and much more coherent addition to this Ice Warrior force and some more potential allies for the Doctor in our upcoming Dr Who game in March...


  1. Lovely shades of green. looks just like the real thing

    1. Cheers Phil - using a limited palette is always a bit of a challenge so I'm glad they came out alright!

  2. Another lovely unit, the green looks spot on to me.