Friday, 18 March 2016


You'll be glad to hear that this isn't going to be a post about those annoying people out to ruin your day on the internets - lord knows there's enough of them so we'll just leave them under their virtual bridges and carry on merrily on our way.

Oh and if you haven't seen Trollhunter, I'd definitely recommend it - cracking film!

Actually this post is the result of a bit of housekeeping. By chance I noticed that I seemed to have quite a lot of posts languishing as drafts for some reason - some even with edited pictures already uploaded and a few words typed in.

This is one of those posts that for some reason I never got round to posting at the time - apologies if you were expecting Titans! They are nearly done. Honest!

Instead I bring you Trolls!

These guys were painted in the big mad rush to get ready for BOYL 2014 - specifically the mammoth Siege game we put on that somehow evolved from a few enthusiastic suggestions on the forum and the Engines of Avalone scenario that I wrote some time ago.

First up is the C20 Hill Troll or Wanewrong as I prefer to call him. Long wanted to own this chap and he pretty much sums up all things trollish to me as he was one of the first I saw as an impressionable young lad. Much as I like the skinny big-nosed D&D type Trolls and the later GW Stone and River Trolls, this guy is what I think of when ever Trolls are mentioned.

Next up we have one of the MM40 Trolls from Marauder, perhaps better known (at least to me) as Mc H'Mahr. Not sure who is out there manufacturing Troll sized hammers but Mc H'Mahr is obviously pleased with it!

Back to the C20 range and the Cave Troll - another firm favourite of mine. I nearly went with the blue skin in homage to the one featured in the Citadel Combat Cards Monster set but decided to stick with green to give the unit a bit of coherency.

I must stress that I picked orange for his hair and beard as a contrast colour to his green skin and was in no way influenced by my lovely wife's ginger locks...

Leaping Slomm Twoface, of C27 Chaos Creatures fame, needs no introduction surely. I was rather pleased to find this chap in a lot I bought off ebay for a very reasonable price and mainly for the Ruglud's Armoured Orcs box they came in! He needed a bit of repairing - pinning his legs back onto his feet mainly - but is now fit and ready to resume the leaping he loves so much.

Another C20 Troll and yes I admit it, my favourite range of Trolls. This is the Warrior Troll, presumably because of his armour and high tech (for a Troll) weaponry - a flail. Rather foolishly he has decided to forgo his natural ability to regenerate wounds as the iron in his armour reacts rather badly with his skin!

In fact this was one of the first Troll I painted back in the early days of this blog and all he needed was rebasing from the huge 50mm base he was on to a 40mm base - minus his little friend, who will be appearing in a Snotling horde near you when I get it done.

Another old friend - it's Guthrum Mane, fresh from pulping the Wood Elves of Kachas Pass in the Orc's Drift scenarios, otherwise known as the C31 Giant Hill Troll. Another Troll who seems more comfortable in armour than his own skin, Guthrum also comes complete with a drink problem.

And lastly, the brains behind the operation - Coblob Nancy, a Goblin Shaman and his trusty Giant Spider mount, Boris.

I've owned this guy for many years and have a vague memory of buying him at Games Day 92 (I think).

I went for a Tarantula style colour scheme for Boris as he seems pretty chunky.

Never quite got on with the Marauder Giant Spider mini - the head and face really don't strike me as very spidery but seeing as he's given me such long service I can't hold it against him! I think my attempt at a tarantula;s markings were a bit more successful on the Citadel Giant Spider.

And what better way to finish than a nice group shot of Coblob and his wayward charges.

After three lads,




... And vomit!!


  1. Lovely trolls. You have quite the collection. Beautifully painted as always. May they always pass their stupidity tests!

    1. Ta muchly! If they do as well as Matthew's Trolls at the battle of Far Corfe then I'll be more than happy! ;)

  2. Lovely uglies. I remember that 2 headed chap being released. I think he was part of some competition or other?

    1. Thanks very much! Was it something in the First Compendium? Slomm and a couple of other Chaos gribblies had an article in it -