Saturday, 19 March 2016

Death to the Daleks!

Another post dredged up from the vaults!

This was the climactic battle of the Dr Who scenario I wrote for the "Battle at the Farm" - a weekend I hosted for Ollie and Richard back in 2014 at my folks' place in the Lake District. This was made even more fun by Richard's excellent Imperial Dalek army - a fitting foe for my Renegades! Ollie took command of the Brigadier, the Doctor and the Unit forces.

Not sure why I never posted this back at the time - possibly worn out after writing up the reports for the other games we played that weekend!

War of the Daleks

One of our Dictators is Missing

Rogue Trader - Battle at the Farm

Epic Space Marine - The Greater Good

Anyway, after a little light dusting and a few more words added, here's the report of the final showdown!

The stakes have been seriously raised in this, the final scenario of the Dalek Civil War game we played back at Easter. The war between the Imperial and Renegade Daleks has escalated and both factions move to eradicate each other from the face of the Earth. UNIT too has a part to play in the coming conflagration. Driven by desperation, the Brigadier has initiated plan R - the mobilisation of nuclear assets against the Daleks. To this end a major UNIT force is moving on the nearby Nuclear bunker at Spediham to reinstate the Blue Streak program.


Imperial Daleks

Renegade Daleks

Ah Ace, when will Mankind ever learn...

Captain Yates' troops race for the nuclear bunker, well aware of the approach of two main Dalek forces.

Sgt Benton and the Brig over see the advance of further squads and support weapons.

To the West, the Renegades deploy in strength.

Whilst to the North, the Imperials mass to intercept them.

The Renegades advance!

UNIT mortar fire threatens to disrupt the Imperial's approach towards the bunker.

Captain Yates' assault team near the bunker doors in the teeth of the advancing Daleks.

Benton's men secure the rear, while artillery spotters push forwards to get a better view of the Dalek lines.

The Renegades also attract the attention of UNIT mortar teams, but the Ogrons push on regardless.

Ape like forms lope into the cover of the ruins as the Imperials draw nearer.

The main Imperial Dalek force, supported by Robomen head for the bunker.

UNIT troopers rush to try and head them off.

"Windmill 123 to Greyhound One, Windmill 123 to Greyhound One. Imperial and Renegade Dalek forces converging on Bluestreak in force. Over."

"Greyhound One to Windmill 123. Message received and understood. Keep your eyes peeled. Over"

Renegades crest the hill as lead elements of Ogrons make their way through the ruins.

"Imperial Daleks located. Warning - Special Weapons Daleks Approaching. Exterminate!"

Taking advantage of the cover of the woods, another squad of Ogrons push forward.

The forward UNIT observers and Bren Gun team pull back in the face of overwhelming odds.

Gripping their weapons in anticipation, the bunker garrison prepares to sell their lives dearly.

The Brigadier races to relieve the garrison and get the launch codes into the bunker.

The Imperials come under effective mortar fire, thanks to the radio operator stationed on the bunker roof.

The Emperor Dalek falls in the early stages of the battle!

The cover of the trees is no match for the Imperial Special Weapons Dalek - several Ogrons die a fiery death!

Imperials and Renegades exchange blaster fire.

The Imperials exact their revenge on a UNIT mortar team.

Fanning out into a pincer movement, the Imperials begin to encircle the bunker.

Despite the cover of the bunker's parapet, one of the Bren Gun teams is caught by Dalek fire.

In a desperate attempt to slow the Imperials' inexorable advance, UNIT drivers block the way with their Land Rovers...

... Affording the relief force with a modicum of cover for their advance.

The defenders desperately lob grenades into the advancing Daleks.

Slythers and Robomen under Imperial Dalek control near the heavily defended bunker door.

The Ogrons move to provide the Renegades' advance with cover from the Imperials.

Meanwhile the bulk of their force continues to trundle over the hill, exchanging fire with the Imperials on their left flank. Several Suicide Daleks hint at the Renegade plan to enter the bunker...

More Renegades fall to the advancing Imperials...

... and their Special Weapons Dalek continues to wreak havoc on the Renegade advance.

The Imperials risk the difficult terrain of the woods in an attempt to cut off the Renegades.

The last remnants of the Ogron squad charge into close combat to stop them.

With a terrible grinding noise, an Imperial Special Weapons Dalek pushes past the imporivsed blockade and brings it gun to bear on the Brigadier's relief force.

Disaster - the Brig is down!

From its vantage point on the hill, a Renegade Special Weapons Dalek targets the approaching Imperials.

A lucky shot catches their Special Weapons Dalek and several Warrior Daleks!

The Renegades push forward having annihilated the threat.

However, they in turn come under UNIT mortar fire!

The Bazooka team open up on the oncoming Imperials but only take out a Roboman.

More grenades are dropped from the bunker roof and in a huge explosion the Landie's fuel tanks go up, badly damaging the nearby Imperials!

The Imperials maneuver their Special Weapons Dalek into a superior firing position and take out the Renegade on the hill.

They are in a vulnerable position now though...

Blaster fire crackles up and down the line as the two main Dalek forces meet!

The Renegade Special Weapons Dalek over shoots!

But catches an Imperial Dalek lurking in the wood.

The black Supreme Dalek is more accurate, damaging the Imperial Special Weapons Dalek.

Swivelling around, the gold Dalek Supreme finishes the job and annihilates the threat.

Caught in the open, one of the Renegade Suicide Daleks is forced to detonate in an attempt to destroy the Imperials converging on it.

The Renegade advance grinds on...

Renegades and Imperials maneuver to gain advantageous firing positions.

With the Brigadier out of action, the Doctor and Ace step into the breach!

UNIT fire detonates the second Suicide Dalek just meters away from the Bunker door.

Coaxing the surviving Land Rover into life, a brave UNIT driver crashes his damaged vehicle into the Imperial Special Weapons Dalek.

A lone Roboman makes it to the bunker wall.

One of the Renegades has its casing blown open by Imperial fire, the Kaled mutant inside hsising and writhing horribly.

The Doctor makes a dash for safety...

... but is caught by a Dalek blaster! Things look grim for UNIT indeed...

The weight of Renegade fire begins to wear down the Imperial advance on the left.

But they amass for a counter attack in the centre...

The Ogrons form a firing line, their Disintegrator Guns buzzing angrily.

Trundling forward, the Renegades form a screen to protect their last Suicide Dalek - a potentially risky tactic!

Several Renegades led by the Dalek Saucer Pilot throw a feint to the left to distract the defenders and advancing Imperials.

The Imperials put an end to the plucky UNIT driver's exploits with blaster fire.

Grenades are thrown from the bunker and a Renegade who got too close is hit.

The Bazooka roars once more and stops the Dalek Saucer Pilot in its tracks.

On the left the Renegades continue to try and clear the wood of Imperials.

Amid guttural yells of triumph, the Ogrons claim another victim,

Sergeant Benton directs UNIT fire onto the Imperials on their left.

And the Bazooka team claim another kill!

The Renegades just can't get near the bunker doors thanks to UNIT's ferocious defence.

The last UNIT mortar team is exterminated by a vengeful Imperial.

Another Renegade falls in the deadly firefight in the centre.

And their Special Weapons Dalek goes down on the left.

It is avenged in turn by the Gold Dalek Supreme.

As the two Dalek forces near each other, the Ogrons charge into close combat.

The Suicide Dalek gets ever nearer to its target...

With a strangled scream, the last Imperial on UNIT's left flank goes up in a ball of flame.

Grenades continue to take their toll on the Renegade assault,

And the Bazooka team wreck the Renegade plan by destroying their last Suicide Dalek.

Sensing victory, the defiant UNIT soldiers open up with everything they've got.

The Renegade advance falters...

With most of his Imperials destroyed, Davros scuttles away from the battlefield!

And the remnants of the Renegade force retire in a fighting retreat.

The forces of Humanity have won a great victory - they can only hope that if Project Blue Streak doesn't stop the Daleks, the Doctor can be revived and a solution to the Dalek menace be found...


  1. Excellent. I'm not a Dr.Who officianado {The last episode I watched had Tom Baker as the doctor), but this captures the flavour of the early series as far as I remember them.

    1. I'd say that does make you an aficionado or at least a man of good tastwe - don't go in for all this new Dr Who stuff!

      Classic Who was definitely what we were going for!

  2. Brilliant! But will the Doctor regenerate?!

    1. Oh the Doctor will be back, have no fear - might even have just been a flesh wound like the Brig's ;)

      I've still got to get around to trying out the Doctor Who Miniatures Game rules out and play a Bloodheat style game with my Silurians and Sea Devils some time...

  3. I absolutely love this. Are most of the models yours? I am guessing the old Harlequin models I was desperate for back in the '90s but could never afford. Brilliant. You must do a game for us at the Foundry using your Dr Who stuff one day!

    1. Thanks James and roger that - would love to!

      All the UNIT stuff and the Renegade Daleks (and Davros!) are mine. Richard bought along the white Imperial Daleks. We manged to get our heads together and take advantage of one of Black Tree Design's 50% off sales, which for once included their ex-Harlequin Dr Who stuff. I went for Ogron support squads, Suicide Daleks and various colours of Dalek Supremes while he went with Robomen, Slythers and the Emperor Dalek and I lent him my Davros, seeing as how the Renegades were sworn to exterminate him for crimes against Dalek-kind! We both had to include Special Weapons Daleks of course!

      As for a game at Foundry - take your pick. I have large forces of Silurians, Sea Devils and a few Dinosaurs which I wrote a set of scenarios for years ago -

      I also have large numbers of Cybermen and minis to represent Tobias Vaugn, Packer and his cronies from the Invasion.

      I've also got smaller factions of Sontarans and Ice Warriors and the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 7th Doctors with various companions.

  4. Happy memories! Haven't done anything with those Daleks since though (other than varnishing them!), which is a bit of a crime.

    1. Definitely mate - that was a great weekend. We'll have to do it again some time. I presume you saw James' idea of doing a game at the Foundry some time? It'd be great to face off against your Imperials again some time!

    2. Good idea, and I actually have some interesting-looking reinforcements on order. Name the date and I'll be ready!

    3. Great stuff - let me know when you're back in the country and we'll have a chat with Foundry...

    4. Great stuff - let me know when you're back in the country and we'll have a chat with Foundry...

  5. Wow it must've been a chore to turn out that many daleks, it must feel great to get them all on the board at once.
    Of course the Dr won, couldn't have it any other way!

    1. This brilliant idea Germy was a godsend I mut admit and yes, getting them on the table was very satisfying!

      Luckily the game went the Doctor's way, despite that nasty dose of Dalek blaster he received! Mind you, it's about time the Daleks were victorious for once what with them being military geniuses and all ;)

    2. This brilliant idea Germy was a godsend I mut admit and yes, getting them on the table was very satisfying!

      Luckily the game went the Doctor's way, despite that nasty dose of Dalek blaster he received! Mind you, it's about time the Daleks were victorious for once what with them being military geniuses and all ;)