Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Two's Company...

... and three is going some way towards an army!

Yep, been busy with the paints again and it seems that you lot are well into Epic still judging by the response my tactical company received.

So here's some more 6mm goodness in the form of the next three Companies I've got ready for the battlefield.

First up is a bit of armour support for Executioners - a Land Raider Company.

I haven't based these yet as 2p coins are just a bit too small. Any recommendations for cheap sources of 30mm round bases?

Command vehicle

Again I went with the Ammonia Plains camouflage scheme - seems to fit nicely with the Executioners' colours.

Ever since laying my eyes on the box art for the Imperial Guard plastic kit, I've always wanted to field a huge Imperial army.

At last Epic is my way to realising that ambition!

Although I have a lot of Imperial Guard infantry to track down to form up into huge Tactical companies, I have managed to land plenty of artillery and tanks.

Predator Company
I can't claim the paint job as they came already painted up. I just added a few touch ups, new insignia, company markings and flags.

Those of you who have gamed with me should be able to guess why I picked the Lucky Sevens as my Guard Regiment!

Predator Company HQ tank
Details of the various squadron markings


They certainly make a stirring spectacle on the battle field with their pennants flying, however on closer inspection you may notice they are all missing their lascannon side sponsons! I didn't notice this either until i had the minis in my hand - bit of a pain but entirely my fault for not inspecting the pics on the ebay listing more closely - plus I got a whole company for a pretty reasonable (for Epic!) price.

As well as the big companies of tanks and artillery I have managed to rustle up a few support detachments. Here a Sentinel detachment stands guard on the vulnerable flank of the Imperial lines.

Three maniples of robots compute their next actions - I rather like the simplified version of the Rogue Trader Robot programmes that are used to control Robots in Epic. They certainly operate very differently to the rest of the army.

Here you'll see a mixture of  anti-vehicle Conquerors and the siege specialist Colossus Robots

You can't have field the Imperial Army without some Super Heavy support. I'm one tank away from a Stormblade Company - great for Titan killing with their Plasma Blastguns and racks of Hunter-Killer missiles.

the trusty old Baneblade - great for close support and mowing down hordes of attacking infantry.

I have to go back and add insignia and company markings to these big guys - bit of a sprint finish to get them on the table this weekend just gone.

This chap was missing his Hunter-Killers so I had a rummage and found some bombs off an old Airfix kit that looked suitably threatening -  they are crying out for the classic shark face design to  be painted on their noses!

I also managed to bag a Leviathan from ebay at a decent price as well. This beastie is the Regimental HQ and can carry an entire Infantry company, as well as hefting round a pretty mean armoury.

Again, I just got the basic colour scheme on to get it on the table and need to go back to finish it off with regimental insignia and other freehand bits.

On to the artillery! I was one Whirlwind detachment away from being able to field the awesome Rocket Company. So instead I'll have to make do with fielding two Manticore batteries. These guys are serious bad news for any large concentrations of infantry!

Detail of the Lucky Sevens dice badge on the battery HQ vehicle

However, I did manage to assemble the necessary models to make up an Artillery company - two batteries of Basilisks and a battery of Bombards. I have since realised that I have forgotten to paint up the two command stands and their command Rhino so the Company is technically not complete yet!

B Battery - the older (and my favourite) of the Basislisk models. Another ebay paint job that I've taken advantage of to save me some time.

A Battery with HQ vehicle.

C Battery - Bombards. These were from the same seller as the Basilisks and have just been based by me.

I also have a detachment of Deathstrike Missile launchers. These are great fun to include and can cause some serious consternation amongst enemy Titan crews.

HQ vehicle with Regimental insignia.

The rules suggest you leave the missiles unattached as they are maneuvered across the battlefield after they are launched. They move 4D6 x 10 centimeters each turn and can be detonated anywhere along their line of travel. They can also be shot at by enemy units on First Fire orders...

And the whole army so far!

Does this make me a Tread-head?

Right - next up is lots of battle reports as I have done an awful lot of gaming recently and not had a great deal of spare tie to write it up.

Not a bad situation to find one's self in really!


  1. Splendid, and while I wouldn't yet call myself a convert to 6mm, there's something very impressive about the sight of masses of tanks. Will have another go at Epic one day.

    1. Yep, I think our game could have run a bit smoother and quicker. I blame those Fishmen and all their new-fangled weaponry! ; )

      The spectacle is something that certainly appeals to me.

  2. I am so jealous of this collection!!!!

    1. Thanks mate!

      Would this help?

      ; )

      I should warn you that there is also a game report coming shortly involving this lot...

  3. Really nice collection sir. Good luck with your game and fantastic ammonia plains camo pattern

    1. Cheers mate - the game was last weekend but I won't give anything away about it yet...

      It was dead easy to do - drybrushed white highlights on my usual grey and black ink wash undercoat. Then the stripes are painted on with very watered down paint so the highlights and shadows show through. Then it was finished off with a very watery black ink wash to bring a bit of definition back to the models.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Neil - it was great fun assembling it.

      Just need shed loads of infantry now...

  5. Well mate I have to say that is a fantastic looking army! I do love to see hordes of 6mm tanks. I've been back into epic recently and have just finished three companies of dark angels plus a variety of detachments. Perhaps we should sort out a game at some point!!

    1. I know you're up North and I'm a filthy southerner; but I reckon there's enough interest to try and square away a game/ mini tourney at Foundry this year!

    2. Yep - been admiring your Dark Angels, especially all that fine detail work of the tiny insignia on shoulder pads!

      Well up for a game at Foundry - do you think we could squeeze one in on a morning/afternoon slot as I've got a few other plans on the cards too?

    3. Ah the shoulder pads... Those bloody shoulder pads; I think I've damaged my eye sight painting those!

      Sounds like a plan!!

    4. I'm not surprised - I thought painting the Executioner Axe symbol on the Landraiders was bad enough!

      Right - we'd best get a table booked then.

    5. Cool;

      I've stuck some posts on the forums to try and generate some epic interest so hopefully like-minded individuals will present themselves. Who do we need to talk to to get a table.
      Sunday am is also good with me!

    6. I've done likewise - our posts on the Game Proposal thread should do it.

      My mate Ollie (not active on the forum at the moment) will be up for it too - you'll see his excellent Tau army in the next Battle Report I post.

    7. Sounds good to me. My mate from the Navy is up for it; so he should be bolstering me with a reserve of Guard.

    8. Sounds like we might have some inter-service rivalry then as my mate is in the Army - that'll make for a lively game!

      Looking forward to this!

    9. That's fine... I'm also a soldier for my sins!!

    10. I'm feeling left out now!

      At least I was an Army Cadet as a lad so I'm a quarter of the way there.

    11. You command a legion of Imperial's essentially the same thing;-)

    12. And being an armchair General is a bit safer!

  6. Great force. Not my bag or scale, but very impressive. Warbases or washers for bases....?

    1. Cheers matey - thought it might be a bit newfangled for you ; )

      Warbases looks handy - would love to find an alternative as cheap as 2p coins though! Washers may be the way forward...

  7. You've been busy! I love the painted camo on those landraiders.
    Your now needs some titans ;-)

    1. Well certainly busy with basing and touching bits up!

      My old plastic Warlord is currently having a dettol bath so watch this space...