Thursday, 8 December 2011

A prayer's as good as sword on a day like this...

The stormy weather outside is certainly fitting as war darkens the horizon for the follk of Ramalia...

No battle reprt yet I'm afraid - I managed to postpone the game from last week and got to Recon down in Pudsey - great show as ever and luckily Four A Miniature's new Kev Adams Goblins weren't out yet, so my wallet got off relatively lightly!

The big game is now set for this weekend and I'm just about done packing the 132 or so minis that will be needed. Time of course for a few last shots before the last of the terrain is packed away - especially as I've finally finished the fence and hedge sections I've been dragging my heels over for a while now!

Not especially exciting in themselves so I've set the table up according to the Orc's Drift map - enjoy and hopefully I'll have some battle reports posted in the next week or so...


  1. Too sweet! Great shots! I can't wait for the battle report.


  2. Great photos, can't wait to see the battle report

  3. Cheers fellas - Kachas Pass, Asjak Rise and Linden Way to play tomorrow!