Sunday, 27 November 2011

Last minute subs!

Well the storm clouds brood threateningly over the lands of Ramalia and the time for great deeds and foul treachery is almost at hand...

... but there's just time to get a few last minute minis painted up!

As some of the Norse members of the Linden Way Militia decided that there fortunes were better served in hotter climes (more of which later...) two more likely lads have been scraped off the tavern floor and been given the King's shilling.

Can't remember (seems a long time ago now!) which kindly member of LAF traded these fine fellows with me but many thanks all the same!

And I must correct an error of mine as well - A few posts back I managed to convince myself that the Wood Elf mini that was co-opted in for Orc's Drift from his usual position, as champion in Oreon's Wood Elf regiment of renown, was strangely intended to be the ill-fated Hendril Merl. He is in fact Fernbreth - the last remaining patient of the Druid Snart that I had been keeping an eye out for... D'oh!!   

Anyway - I had to paint him up and restore him to his rightful place, where his small stature fits in just fine with the other minis of a smilar vintage!

And as a bit of a pre-match warmup here he is helping Bertolac fend some attacking Orcs off as Snart makes off with a cart that was part of the barricade, in an attempt to evacuate his patients...

The big game is still planned for next weekend, but I've just realised that it's going to clash with Recon - a great little Wargames show over in Pudsey - link here for any locals -

May have to see if I can reschedule...

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