Sunday, 27 March 2011

Wood Elves of Kachas Pass

Wahey - another Orc's Drfit update!

Managed to combine my Lead Painters League entry last week with my Orc' Drift project and now only have five or so Elves to paint up to complete the force I need for the Kachas Pass episode...

Endolas/Erdolas (depending where you look for the corrsect spelling!) was a lovely mini to paint and thanks again to Hasslefrree for the lovely shields with which to equip the rest of unit! - old plastic citadel shields seem to go for quite a premium for what they are on ebay!

Due to time constraints (most of Friday night/Saturday morning spent finishing the minis off) I was forced to come up with a simple, but effective, shield design - hooray for the old 80's army book and its illustrations of Elven runes/script!  Same could be said for the Orc's Drift booklet and its representation of the Kachas Pass Elves' banner desingn!

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