Sunday, 20 March 2011

Soggy Bottom Boyz!

Right as this team has finished competing in the Lead Painters League on the LAF I thought I'd break the drought of painted minis by sharing the pics with you.

The minis are from 4A miniatures - an excellent new company that is well worth checking out if you haven't already -

Service is great and I love the weird little minis they make. Oh and Andy, whose venture it is, is a thoroughly nice bloke too - was glad to have a good chat at the Vapnartak show in York a while back.

Anyways heres the minis - I spent as bit more time than normal on these chaps not only because they were for a comp but they're really nice to paint up too.

Scuplted by the legendary Kev Adams (really looking forward to the mounted ones that are in the pipeline...) but with a more aquatic feel than his classic stuff, I thought they'd make good swamp goblins, or Bog Gobs, as Phreedh has christened them - think that'll stick mate!

I have the other 5 goblins 4A released in the paint queue and have a game in mind for them - just need to build a large swamp first...!


  1. I noticed these guys just today when I was picking up the new chaos dwarf standard bearer from 4A. Anything from Kev Adams is high up in my estimations. Great job, they look rather splendid. I love the two-headed champion.

  2. Yep he's a cracker!

    I believe there are some mounted ones being planned which I'm sure will be most excellent!