Saturday, 15 January 2011

Every man is as Heaven made him, and sometimes a great deal worse.

A great quote from Cervantes' Don Quixote and oh so true in the case of this pair, seen here emerging from the Linden Way's premier nightspot - the Slaan in Space...

Thought I'd better post an update on the Orc's Drift project in case anyone thought I'd forgotten about it - normal service will be resumed in February, once I've finished the naval diorama I'm in the middle of!

These two provided me with a little light relief from the ship building I'm currently involved with and getting back to Cervantes, reminded me somewhat of his eponymous hero and his slow-witted squire.

So may I present the two latest replacements to be press-ganged into the Linden Way militia - after the Norse settlers got drunk and went off on a saga holiday...

A gentleman with delusions of grandeur and nobility, Jon Eochaid (pronounced Yeo Hay!) is the victim of reading too many Estalian romances. Obsessed with the notions of chivalry and questing and believing every word he has read to be true, Eochaid set out in search of adventure with his "squire", Groucho Panzer, a rather gullible and stupid local farmer. With his battered and ancient armour, wonky sword and rustic squire, he didn't exactly cut a dashing figure...

Not two miles out of Palesandre they met with an officer of the Grand League who was gathering recruits for the militia. Mistaking him for a traitorous knight, Eochaid led the charge but soon found himself and his squire badly beaten by an angry mob of new recruits and worse still - enlisted in the militia!

His indignation at his treatment was soon assuaged, however, when Groucho relayed the news that they were there to defend the good people of Linden Way against the slavering hordes of Orcs that were heading their way - a worthy quest for so noble a knight!


  1. Cervantes tributes tickle my fancy somewhat. Well done, that man!

  2. My thanks good sir!

    Well I thought the blog could do with something a little more highbrow than Orcs with rude gestures painted on their shields...