Monday, 10 January 2011

Ahoy there!

I don't normally post pics of unpainted or WIP stuff but as I've been sweating and cursing over this little bugger all night I felt a certain sense of achievement at getting all the bits stuck together in the right place - I think...

This is a 74 gun British ship of the line which will be representing the Minotaur - the ship our illustrious ancestor, Captain Mansfield, commanded at Trafalgar. As I've mentioned in my last post, I'm putting together a diorama for my Dad's birthday - only two more British ships of the line and a French frigate to put together!

Quite looking forward to painting these up as they've been sat in bits in a box since before Christmas - plus as soon as these are done its back to the Orcs!! 

Speaking of which - here's Ugezod, who'll be standing in for Hagar Sheol (The chieftain of the Severed Hand Orcs) until I remortgage the house in order to afford an actual Hagar Sheol mini!!! As you can see, despite Ugezod being rather large for an orc, these ships are a bit small - hope I have some sanity by the time I've finished with them...

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