Saturday, 27 November 2010

A right "hand"-some lot...

Got the last of the warriors of the Severed Hand Tribe finished. They comprise the main fighting strength of the tribe - just got a few archers and Hagar Sheol, their chieftain to do  now...

No shields this time I'm afraid but if you look closely one of them has a little frot and back plate on their armour where I managed to fit a small design.

I'll have to see how I go with the rest before Christmas - got plans to make a couple of dioramas as presents. What with all the research for painting schemes, learning how to use styrofoam, building and painting minis I'm going to have to get done Orc's Drift may well have to take a back seat till the New Year...

Next challenge - learning how to make convincing cherry trees covered in blossom and paddy fields for a Japanese scene involving samurai and geishas for the wife (hope you're not having a sneaky read dear as it will spoil the surprise!).

Once I have that under the belt I want to have a go at a naval diorama for my Dad - he is currently writing a book on one of our more illustrious ancestors - Captain Mansfield, who commanded the Minotaur and saw action at the Battle of the Nile and Trafalgar among other engagements! I'm hoping to recreate one of his smaller exploits - the chase and capture of the French ship Franchise, assisted by the Thunderer and Albion. So that's realistic water with waves and adding rigging to 1/1200 model ships!


  1. Looks good! I'm working on some 1/72 orcs now. There are only a couple orc sets in this scale, so I'm doing a lot of head swaps with human bodies.

    Is the third photo down a Nick Lund sculpt? I'm a fan of his Grenadier work, but I think he sculpted for Citadel too.

  2. Cheers Andrew - he is indeed one of Nick Lund's Black Orc troopers from Eeza Ugezod's Mother Crushers. I have Ugezod himself lined up to stand in for Hagar Sheol as the Severed Hand Chieftain...

    Look forward to seeing your work as always - not come across many 1/72 orcs I must admit!

  3. Wow, those are some old-school miniatures! Do you seek them out specially, or are they things you got at the time and then never got round to painting?

    Anyway, I admire both your painting skill and your photography skill.

  4. Thanks very much!

    As for the minis - some are ones I owned way back when - the two cleaver guy and the two marauder black orcs (big fellas!) pictured above. Got a bit nostalgic when I came across the boxes they were packed in and have been seeking more out since!

    I did get paint the original ones back in the day but they've since had a dettol bath and a new lick of paint - my skills with a brush have come on a bit since then!