Friday, 18 June 2010

Sixty! We dropped at least 60, wouldn't you say?

... That leaves only 3,940...

So here are the first elements of the Linden Way Militia. The five bowmen made a nice first batch - thanks to Rob Alderman for the nice little halfling archer!

I've added to the storyline a little to explain the make-up of the militia - according to the scenario background:

... at present an emergency guard of citisens from the southern township of Meledir are covering for the usual guad of professional soldiery, who have been called south to defend the region around Ortar against the assault of the Goblin hordes...

As citadel peasant militia minis have been either too pricey (ironic considering their low quality as troops!) or thin on the ground I've used a real mixed bag of other minis - professional soldiers, rangers, woodsmen, fighters and Norsemen(more of which later...)! I've kept the emergency guard idea but given the Linden Way garrison commander a bit more credit - he had the forsight to leave some of the regulars as liaison officers and trainers with the ragtag militia raised from Meledir - hence some of the better quality troops in amongst the rabble. I had to include the halfling too as a stubborn/brave Linden Way farmer who refused to budge!

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