Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Dwarfs of Ashak Rise

Another command is finished!

Thanks to Phreedh by the way for the nice Dwarfs armed with crossbows - finished off the unit nicely.

I've mentioned the scenario for Ashak Rise a few times but here is the information in full...

Ashak Rise is inhabited by a small group of Dwarf gold prospector, renegades from the Dwarf army of the Grand League of Ramalia. The dwarfs lie in a log cabin by the River Canis. They are well and truly in the throes of gold fever having recently discovered huge amounts of gold nuggets deposited in the silt of the river banks. They have already stock-piled a hoard of treasure, but are determined to continue prospecting until every chest, sack and empty water bottle has been filled to overflowing. They have been absent without leave for some time now but have so far managed to keep their lucky strike a secret from the few travellers that pass along the road. Cautious in their greed, they maintain a constant watch at either end of the raod that passes through the centre of the rise, while the remainder of the force pan for gold at the river's edge. The guards at each end of the road carry an alarm bell. If anyone approaches, the bell is rung. In this way they and their wealthy secret have remained undetected. At the beginning of play the Dwarfs store of gold is hidden in the floorboards of the cabin, and they will fight to the death to keep it...

The eagle-eyed among you may be wondering why there is a gnome lurking with the clansmen of Borin Fimbull! Well firstly he has a crossbow (although I have just bought a replacement dwarf crossbow on ebay!) and secondly I like the mini! He came as a joblot with some other gnomes, a gnome wizard and one of the pack mules and I intend to paint the rest of the gang up as a small party of adventurers for SOBH games...

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