Tuesday, 6 April 2010

That's not a knife...

As the nippers, the wife and the dog are all napping - thought I'd get a bit more painting done!

Another Grand League character - the sober and rather angry Leofwine, Mayor of the southern township of Meledir and captain of the militia sent to defend the settlement and roads of Linden Way from the invading Kwae Karr Orcs.

Again I've used a proxy for the original mini featured in the original scenario and this old citadel paladin fits the bill quite nicely, being kitted out with the right armour and weaponry - not to mention his mayorly looking moustache!

The desperate battle for Linden Way
(just a re-enactment for now... Not sure what Ferndale Snart is doing there?!)


Also featuring in this post is another old card building - the watchtower, which features in the Linden Way scenario...

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