Thursday, 11 February 2010

Pull thumb out bum...

Spent a happy weekend last week stripping a load of my old orcs of my original, awful paint jobs. Among them was my pride and joy and possibly the first mini I ever bought - the Orc War Wyvern. Once I'd stripped the paint off I whiled away an enjoyable hour or so reassembling it, pinning joints and maskin joins...

Anyway thought I'd post some unfinished piccies to get my arse moving - not been a good week for painting because of sleep deprivation, work, wine, company of heroes and fallout 3 - not necessarily in that order!

Looking forward to a week off next week where I paint more lead than interior doors (next DIY job that needs finishing before the next bairn arrives!).

Also on the way are the two other orcs that came with the Wyvern

... and Ruglud's Armoured Orcs - minus Ruglud and their crossbows!


  1. Minus ruglud? He's there in the front rank with the two handed sword mate.

  2. Yeah thanks - got myself mixed up! Always thought Gudruk should have been the boss!