Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Treemandous fun!!

Another exciting addition to the Elven host - this time an old Treeman from Citadel - Treebeard the Mighty Ent nonetheless! Not the most agressive or dangerous looking treeman on the market I'll warrant but he brings back a few fond memories and according to WFB 3rd ed. has some pretty mean looking stats too!

Where the Zoat challenged me on large areas of green this chap did the same with browns - think I've got him gnarly enough without looking to untidy. I was tempted to stick on some extra branches and clump foliage to make him a little more dynamic but just didn't look right so here he is au naturel -
the shots may seem a bit samey but I found it tricky to get the light right and I think I have all the detail covered through these various piccies - didn't bother with the back as there isn't much to see!

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