Monday, 9 November 2009

Its a kind of magic...

These two came in the post not so long ago and pushed in front of the Zoat in the paint queue - couldn't resist having a go at the diminutive and quite strange Were-fox. Also thought she/it would make a nice familiar for my new Wood Elf Sorceress, who is actually an old Citadel Dark Elf, as some kind soul on the Lead Adventure forums informed me (must put a link up to this fine site!) Quite like the wilder, more ambiguous nature this mini has over some goody-two-shoes actual Wood Elf!

Anyway here's the pics - a fairly basic paint job on the sorceress at the mo - will add more detail to the staff and robes, and perhaps one or two tatts in honour of her chequered history! I felt I had to give the Were-fox lots of tattoos to cover its blushes and make it all the more pagan and mysterious!

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