Monday, 27 July 2009

Rogue Trader Retinue

Rogue Trader, Hans Valerium, and his Retinue
Painted these up about a year ago - in fact they had been sitting around in a box fairly unloved since I bought them and did a fairly typical 13 year old paint job on them! Think I've improved since then. Started with the plastic boxed set of Imperial Guard -

Fantastic artwork - anyway repainted them and then got hooked on buying up various Rogue Trader era minis on Ebay and ended up with a Rogue Trader and his retinue, including his own chapter of Space Marines - recruited from his Imperial Guard regiment - The Lucky Sevens.

Here are the original plastic guardsmen - great minis and loads of fun to assemble. There are a couple of metal heavy weapons guardsmen lurking among the plastics.

Then I got hooked on the excellent metal Impaerial Army minis that were around in the good old days.
Here are my efforts -

And from there I obviously had to track down an Inquisitor, Assassin, Astropath, Space Marine Scouts and various other hangers on -

Also loitering in my bits box were, among other things, an old Rough Rider, an Imperial Biker -

- and a Land Speeder!

As Rogue Traders were supposed to be off into the outer reaches of Imperium Space exploring, exploiting and exterminating alien threats I felt his retinue should include the Imperium's finest - a legion of his own Space Marines -

Complete with Captain and Medic -

And so on to the Rogue Trader himself, Hans Valerium, mounted on hos trusty Grox steed - always loved the idea of Grox ranches in the original Rogue Trader rule book so went down a Wild West theme.

As Grox are notoriously recalcitrant creatures I took the liberty of wiring a control device directly into its cranium -

Had some fun sticking a load of equipment into saddle holsters, including sharpshooter needle rifle, space marine helmet, bedroll (to continue the Cowboy theme!) - hopefully didn't make the model look too cluttered!

So here's the whole lot with a bit of scenery from Amera -


  1. Very nice stuff. I have since left the world of 40k due in part to the lack of the old flavor of the game. So it is nice to see some of the OOP stuff out there.


  2. Great stuff, you almost rival my collection of "old bloke" 40K!

  3. Awesome site, simply love old school GW stuff! Keep it comming.


  4. great photos, could we share on the Amera Plastics facebook page-really appreciate it?

  5. I'd be more than happy to - can you lift them from here or would you like them emailed over?

    Nice page by the way - looks like some great new pieces.

    1. thanks alot. I will lift from here and link to the blog no problem, and thanks again, Jane from Amera

  6. My pleasure - there's a few other pieces of yours sprinkled throughout the blog which you're welcome to as well.

  7. Hey Thantsants, these pictures won't get BIG!! I NEED to see this BIG!!! These are some of the greatest Rogue Trader pictures ever, especially the last one. Wow!

  8. Hmmm - I seem to remember having a few problems adding images way back when I posted this.

    I've had a fiddle around but can't seem to make them clickable - I'll see what I can do...

  9. Please don't worry about it, Thantsants. I had just spent another happy half hour on your site and was just getting greedy for more goodies.

    1. Now he says don't worry after this little glitch has been bugging me all week, keeping me up at night and away from the painting table... ;)

      No worries - it has me stumped and I think the original pics are on the main computer which has decided that it doesn't want to turn on any more.

    2. No, Nooo! This is nothing to worry about. Get some sleep. And more importantly, get back to the painting table!!! You have the world all waiting for your painted giant!

  10. Well maybe I over-dramatised a bit there - may be an update tonight or tomorrow...