Thursday, 19 January 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy

Something a little different I have on the boil this evening. It's been a while since I posted up any Dr Who stuff on the blog but thanks to a combination of several Black Tree Design Sales that I couldn't resist and an excellent trade on one of the Dr Who Facebook groups I have a large amount of unpainted Who once more.

Oh and a big game at the end of March down at the Wargames Foundry near Newark at which I'm hoping to get most of my collection on the table!

I went in at the deep end with these Guards of Gallifrey - large areas of red and white have never been my favourite thing to paint but I don't think they came out too bad.

For those of you not too familar with Dr Who the Chancellery Guard were the police force of the Time Lord's home planet of Gallifrey and featured in a number of episodes from the 4th Doctor onwards.

Commander Andred featured in the 4th Doctor story, Invasion of Time where he aids the Doctor (eventually!) to thwart a Sontaran nvasion of Gallifrey.

He also catches Leela's eye and the two end up getting married with Leela staying behind on Gallifrey with K9 Mk1, leaving the Doctor to roam the universe as is his want.

These chaps should prove useful as reinforcements for the good guys as they are slightly outnumbered at the moment!

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