Saturday, 13 August 2016

Robot Jox

As Bring Out Your Lead 2016  is slowly fading into warm fuzzy memories I figured I'd best contribute to the glut of posts celebrating this paragon of old school gaming!

I didn't have anything arranged for the Friday so spent the afternoon happily mooching about, chatting and checking out the other games in progress - not something I've had time to do in the past.

Saturday morning saw the weekend really kick off and my contribution was a participation game of Adeptus Titanicus - Many thanks to Mike and Nik who joined me. Worthy opponents both!

We eventually got the game going after being distracted by Kev Adams and his brilliant charity face sculpting - I'll share what I got done in a later post...

My Deaths Heads Titans advance in the face of a cunning flanking move from Mike's Warhounds - supported by a Nemesis Warlord of the Fire Wasps.
Nik chose the Fire Lords and got stuck in straight away.

I managed to make about 4 square foot of terrain - 4mm ply with a mixture of the old polystyrene building from Adeptus Titanicus, plastic ruins from Titan Legions box set, some excellent 3D printed buildings from a chap called Mike Thomas on the Epic Facebook group and some laser cut MDF ruins I got on ebay.
Close combat is a pretty brutal affair! We used the advanced rules from Codex Titanicus which involves selecting a combat option from a set of cards. It works a bit like rock, paper, scissors - you gain certain advantages or disadvantages depending on how your selection compares with that of your opponent. 
My Nemesis Warlord is caught in a cross fire from Mike's forces!

Nik's Warhound makes good use of cover, going "hull down" behind a building and gaining a -1 to hit modifier against Mike's Nemesis Warlord.

Clever maneuvering gains Nik a massive advantage in close combat - you really don't want to be taking a chain fist from the rear!

They don't like it up 'em!

Turning is an important part of the game too with different classes of Titan having different levels of maneuverability - My Nemesis Warlord brings its guns to bear on Mike's Warhounds... 

Mike's Warhounds close in on my Death Bringer - their powerful Melta Guns pack a punch but only have a 12cm range!

Any hits scored in close combat cause critical damage - luckily for Nik he swiped Mike's Titan's legs from under it and didn't hit its reactor.

My Death Bringer Warlord goes down under the combined fire of the Warhouinds but help is at hand from the Nemesis! 
The Warhounds go down like nine pins in the face of the Nemesis' massive firepower!

Which in turn gets lit up with an impressive long range shot from Nik's Plasma Cannon - a lucky shot that set off a reactor melt down. Great way to finish off the game!

I was really impressed with how Adeptus Titanicus plays - surprisingly smoothly and quickly once you've got your head round all the damage tables and modifiers. Must remember the +1 to hit modifier that First Fire orders give you!

I'll be posting some close ups of the various Titans I've got painted up for the game including the ones who didn't make it on to the table, including the War Griffons, Warp Runners and Storm Lords.  As always it was a bit of a sprint finish to be ready for BOYL and I've still a few banners to finish off!

Oh and finally - don't forget to check out Mike's excellent write up of the game and his also excellent blog!


  1. Great pictures, of a great game on a great weekend!!

    1. Certainly was a great weekend - already looking forward to the next!

  2. I had seen a couple of pics on other blogs and I was so looking forward to this report! Absolutely exciting and cool stuff!

    1. Cheers Suber - now I've got this lot painted up I aim to play a lot more games. Ideally I'd like to recreate some of the battles alluded to in the little story excerpts in the rule book. Tallarn seems to feature a lot so some Bromium refineries might be next on the scenery list...

  3. Nice looking table there and it sounds like the game came off well. One of these years I hope that I can make the transatlantic commitment to visit BOYL because it surely look like a grand time.

  4. I played a small game on the Sunday, rules are surprisingly good - better than I remembered them. The magnet mounted weapons were really successful, I'm thinking about copying. What size were they?

    1. Yeah that was a fun little game - should have got some shots of your beautifully painted Fire Wasps. I started off with 2mm x 1mm magnets which is fine for plastic weapons but moved to 3mm x 2mm for the last batch of Titans I did. They will cope with metal weapons and tails no probs.

  5. I'm so gutted I couldn't make it! The game looks amazing!

  6. Thanks for the great game Steve, really enjoyed it!

    I had waited nearly 30 years to play, so thanks for letting me tick that off my 'to do' list.

    My pics are here

    1. My plaesure mate - thanks for coming down and getting involved! Love the write up - made me chuckle!