Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Entropy! Entropy!

They've all got it - Entropy!

Are you tired of the futile struggle that is life?

Does everything you touch turn to shit?

Do you ever get the feeling that everything is utterly pointless, all effort is ultimately undone and eventually the very universe will go out with a whimper as all energy processes come grinding to a halt in the face of inevitable heat death.

Well worry no more because Papa Nurgle is here to cure all your worries!

Don't mope about whining - fill your days with hope and laughter. Race through life at breakneck speed, forever living in the moment with nary a thought, other than your dreams!

You may contract the odd incurable and fatal disease but so what! There's so much to do in the meantime - so much life to live. 

Put that way, Nurgle is one of the more attractive Chaos Gods if you're not too fussy about lancing the odd boil or dealing with recurring skin conditions and halitosis...

These guys were a relief to paint after all that angry red and brass of the Khornate horde and my eye was certainly soothed by the pustulent greens and soft browns of Nurgle.

 Unfortunately my Nurgle army is pretty small compared to the other Chaos Powers, especially Khorne. As usual the army is built around a Greater Daemon and luckily my Great Unclean One survived the wilderness years when, as a youth, I turned my back on little men.

I only had enough troops left to give the Great Unclean One four supporting detachments instead of the maximum of five - I'd love to get my hands on some Plague Engines for some heavy support some time. There will be a Tactical Company of Horus era Deathguard to add with a terminator detachment among others so they will be a force to be reckoned with eventually...

First up are the Trolls. The old Chaos Horde box set included loads of minis specific to Khorne, Tzeentch and Slaanesh in the form of Juggernaughts, Flying Discs and Riding Beasts - but not so much specially for Nurgle. I'd already gifted Minotaurs and Squats to the others so Nurgle had to have the Trolls where I figured they'd feel more at home!

Trolls aren't smart enough to use guns - in fact they're often not smart enough to follow orders! In the orders phase you have to roll a D6 to see what they do - 1 or 2 and they shamble about on advance orders and 3+ they remember to charge towards the enemy. At least they have a decent CAF of  5 and the infuriating (for the enemy) ability to regenerate. Should they fail their saving throw of 6, they get a special save at the end of the turn and a 50/50 chance of coming back to life!

After scratching around in my spares box, I managed to muster enough Imperial Guard rejects to form a motley band of Chaos Cultists. These guys are the lowest of the low but should perform well as a skirmishing screen for more valuable close combat troops like the Trolls and Beastmen.

Possibly their most important job is rebelling in the first place. Without selfless folk like this, how else would a Greater Daemon get his chance of world domination and the subjugation of hundreds and thousands of souls?

The Great Unclean One is a great character - looking on his minions with sentimental pride and taking great pleasure in their antics and diseases. The hordes of Nurglings that constantly swarm over the Great Unclean One's body ensure that it can never be outnumbered in close combat should any enemy troops have so small a regard for their own health to get that close! Enemy troops don't get the extra D6 they would normally get when they outnumber a foe in close combat, which makes the Great Unclean One an intimidating target to take on at close quarters, despite its relatively low (for a Greater Daemon) CAF of 7. However, in the First Fire segment of the turn, the Great Unlcean One can spew forth a Stream of Corruption - a particularly nasty template weapon that destroys anything under it on a +3 with no saving throw! It's just a shame he's so slow with a move of only 10cm...

Luckily I had enough Dreadnoughts to give each Chaos Power a detachment - it's been quite fun coming up with different colour schemes for them. Of course Nurgle gets green and purple and hopefully the missile launcher looks like a massive zit - ready to pop!

I also have enough Beastmen (if I raid my Imperial Beastman Company!) to give each Chaos Power a detachment. These guys are great foot troops with a CAF of 3 - you just need to get them into the fray without them all dying as they have no guns.

I think next I will be going back to 28mm and all this rot and decay has inspired me to do some Zonbies! It's also about time I did some more towards my and Warlord Paul's Trolltooth Project. Thanks to one of Black Tree Design's big 50% off sales and Ral Partha's 20% off sales, I now have just over 40 zombies to begin making up the 80(!) I need for our next scenario - Thugruff's Revenge Raid...


  1. Brilliant! As an oldschool epic Nurgle player I love everything you've done here! Old models come up a treat on new bases at this scale! Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks Fixxxer - glad you like them! I rather like basing infantry on 1p coins and as I'm running a bit low on the old square bases they solve that problem rather nicely.

    2. Thanks Fixxxer - glad you like them! I rather like basing infantry on 1p coins and as I'm running a bit low on the old square bases they solve that problem rather nicely.