Tuesday, 12 January 2016

BOYL 2015: A Journey to the East

So - better late than never eh?!

My excuse - Unfortunately the months after BOYL 2015 saw my spare time  and the amount of energy I had for what spare time was left sorely lacking. Back then we were busy juggling every day life with trying to sell our house in York, buy one in the Lake District and work out how we were going to earn a living.

Anyhow - more of that in another post as I have all sorts of news to share. For now I'm just going to knock this report on the head and give you a brief account of the game so I can clear the decks for 2016.

 I inherited this particular game from fellow Oldhammerer Richard, who decided that just playing a game set in the endless steppes of the Warhammer world wasn't enough - he buggered off to Mongolia to experience it for himself and even get some wargaming in there too!

As I was now in charge I came up with a bit of a back story that fitted in around my Hobgoblin army and as that army was getting pretty big, I decided to make it one big objective for the other players to tackle how they saw fit.

Unfortunately as it's been so long I'm a bit hazy on several of the players names (apologies - if you read this feel free to enlighten me in my ignorance in the comments below!).

The warbands included an Ogre Warlord (sorry - forgot your name!) hot in pursuit of a treacherous former lackey who had upped and left for the East, taking with him the boss's favourite cleaver! They were reinforced by some Steppe Horsemen - kindly provided by Golgfag.

Jprp's Ninja were intent on taking out the Hobgoblin priest and wrecking his altar because of the theft of some prized relics.

Van Loon's lovely (and prize winning Half Orcs) had been recruited by one of Timotei's former lieutenants who had been stabbed in the back in true Hobgoblin fashion. He was intent on tracking down his former Warlord and taking his revenge...

Meanwhile Ollie's Wood Elves had been tracking a particularly despicable Hobgoblin all the way from the Old World. Throgg and his Despoiling Hobgoblins of the Darklands had been responsible for all kinds of destruction and ruin in the forest realms of the Elves before heading East and joining forces with the Warlord Timotei.

The game began as darkness had fallen and the Hobgoblin army were encamped for the night. Each collection of tents and wagons harboured various troops and units in various states of consciousness and sobriety - depending on the extent of their festivities and what the dice decreed...

The Wood Elf Centaurs encounter some rather drunk Hobgoblin warriors - no contest!

Mercenary Goblin Wolfriders attempt to put up some kind of fight against the Ninja.

More drunken Hobgoblins emerge to confront their attackers. Meanwhile the Wood Elf Spearmen wheel to face Van Loon's Half Orcs.

The Half Orcs advance under the keen eye of their Hobgoblin Chief and the less keen eyes of their mutant Troll.

Wolf Riders continue to assault the deadly Ninja as they advance on the hated War Altar.

Watchful Hobgoblin archers greet the oncoming Ogres and horsemen with a volley.

The Hobgoblins' night is well and truly ruined by the Centaurs, which is nothing compared to the ignominious fate suffered by their champion - snared by the Giant Frog's tongue, dragged in to its mouth and swallowed whole! Nasty little rule this in 3rd ed - the Frog may automatically hit a model within 6", dealing a stength 3 hit with no saving throw.

The Hobgoblins try to sort their lives out and form ranks...

Unleash the hounds!

The Ninjas take on the Altar Guard.

Not much resistance put up by the Hobgoblin archers!

A few last Hobgoblins hold out against the Centaurs while the Elves take on some errant Hobhounds.

Van Loon's Half Orcs soldier on...

The Ninjas make short work of the Altar Guard and surround the War Altar.

Reinforcements arrive in the form of the elite Hobyars!

The Ogres stumble across a stinking den of Bugbears - and their treacherous former comrade!

The horsemen struggle with the stinky brutes while the Ogres go straight for their revenge.

Revenge seems to be the order of the day as Throgg makes an appearance, charging into the Centaurs.

The Ninjas kill the Hobgoblin shaman and destroy the War Altar, turning to surround the enraged Hobyars.

Whiskey Priest's Half Orcs arrive!

The Ogre Warlord confronts his former lackey, hacks him down and retrieves his favourite chopper!

Things are getting serious between Throgg and the Elves...

Having slept (cowered) through all the noise so far, the Warlord Timotei finally reveals himself and is set upon by a pack of Ninjas! His mortal enemy, Og Akhutai, the Lieutenant he betrayed, watches on in the hope that he will be able to deliver the killing blow,,,

A final Hobyar faces down impossible odds!

Things look grim for the Centaurs...

But amazingly it is Throgg and his minions who break and are rode down!

Ugezod's Mothercrushers make an appearance and manage to rout the Ogres!

Enraged by the destruction of their War Altar, two Hobgoblin shamans summon Temple Dogs and send them against the Ninja.

The Horsemen also decide that discretion is the better part of valour!

But the Ogre Warlord rallies his last surviving minion and sends the Black Orcs packing.

Uh oh...

A desperate battle erupts between Hobyars, Van Loon's Half Orcs, Ollies Elves and Whiskey Priest's Half Orcs. Oh and the Ninjas are still trying to kill Warlord Timotei!

The Ogre Warlord gets more revenge!

Whiskey Priest's Black Orcs join the fray amd it looks like the frog has had enough.

And Timotei is down - unfortunately I really can't remember if it was the Ninja or Van Loon's general who did the deed!

General mayhem and back stabbing ensues...

Og Akhutai goes down to the Ninja and Ollie's Centaurs flee.

Everyone picks on Van Loons Half Orcs! They're not well liked by other races you know...

Ogres and Black Orcs team up on the surviving Elves.

And I finally find my Hobgoblin assassin who wounds the Elf hero.
So all in all this was a great game and I really enjoyed GM'ing it. All the players came to the table with the right spirit and I think everyone managed to achieve most or all of their objectives and have a right laugh doing it - even if they didn't survive to tell the tale!

A belated thanks to all who participated - definitely a great first outing for my Hobgoblin army.


  1. Fantastic! Sad I missed it, but glad it was left in such capable hands. And I very much hope that one day I'll get a chance to take on your hobgoblins (and VanLoon's half-orcs)

    1. Thanks mate - it was great fun I must say. We'll have to get down to Deeside Defenders again maybe - definitely up for some more Hobgoblin action and always good to hook up with Van Loon.

  2. It's nice to see what was going on before my boys belatedly joined the party. Great stuff and thanks for letting me join in.

    1. My pleasure - glad you could make it in the end. Thanks also for that great game of Vulture Warriors of Dimension X you ran for us!

    2. I'll second all that, thanks for GMing that one Mr Priest

    3. Thanks as well for making me want to expand the tiny collection of Paranoia figures I have as well - I think... ;)

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    5. My pleasure gents, it was great to see it finally getting played after all these years!

  3. Nice to hear from you, lovely looking game.

    1. Thanks Erny - good to be back and dare I sayit - life slowly returning to some kind of normality...

  4. Ahh, it's a great day seeing your blog up again, Thantsants! And a pleasure seeing all those wonderful and rarely seen figs on a gaming table! Such a nice a return!

    1. Oops, the end should read: Such a nice return!

    2. Lovely to hear from you too PW - I'll have to catch up on what I've missed on your blog - should have a bit of spare time on my hands now...

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    1. Finally - apologies for the ridiculously long delay!