Sunday, 6 January 2013

Commission Accomplished

Season's greetings and Happy New Year to you all. I'm afraid I've been a little quiet over the Christmas period - far too much drinking and eating to be done!

I have been busy too mind. As well as my Golden Gobbo entry I have finally finished the little commission fellow LAFer, theBinman, asked me to do a while back. The wife's eyes lit up momentarily when I first mentioned I was doing some commission painting - until I told her I was being paid in old lead of the Citadel variety!

Anyway, without further ado, here are the latest additions to theBinman's plucky adventurers, ready to seek death or glory on his amazing Mordheim table.

The Good - haven't seen this chap before but good fun to paint. I went for an old school High Elf vibe. There's a little Wood Elf in there too with the little Green Man-type face on the shield boss, although its a bit hard to make out in the pic.

The Moody - Skarloc's Archer. He looks like he'll make a great Elf Ranger with attitude judging by that eyepatch.

 The Grumpy - Gnome hero. I've painted this guy before for my own burgeoning Gnome Allied Contingent. Not sure if the badger hair cloak is recognisable as such but that's what it is!

And finally - The Snotty, enough said!

And of course the obligatory group shot.

Can't wait to see the guys in action...


  1. SOme excellent painting, love the Gnome, got that model hidden away somewhere

  2. Very nice, Thantsants! Great figs too. Especially that first Elf. Don't you just wanna keep'em?

  3. Thanks fellas - good fun to paint too.

    PW - it'll be tough but I did receive a couple of rather nice little chaps in recompense!