Sunday, 12 February 2012

Laying about, redoing the layout...

I'm sure it won't have escaped your notice that I've been playing round with the look of my blog and in no way procrastinating, or putting off getting on with photographing battle reports or making a start on my Lead Painters League entries (yes its that time of year again!).

Hopefully its still readable and to your liking - Let me know either way!


  1. Great background picture. I found myself scrolling down to a clear spot to get a better look.

    One comment is that the side navigation is a bit difficult to read, but I scroll the page down slightly it is perfectly readable with the mountain background, so I can't decide if it's a issue or not. As it lets us see the the background better probably fine as is :-)

  2. Thanks chaps!

    I know what you mean Arabianknight - I might see how annoying that gets but as you say it does give you a better view of the background pic - which I may change from time to time...