Thursday, 1 September 2011

You mean your only plan is to stand behind a few feet of mealie bags and wait for the attack?

Just put the finishing touches to the thin red line that is Brommedir's Bows and with that I have officially finished painting all the minis I need to play Bllodbath at Orc's Drift!

Sound the fanfare, beat the drum, cry Hallelujah and get busy with the fizzy - I'm done!!!

Of course there are a few recent acquisitions I'd pegged to replace some minis already painted up in various units cos I liked them better, and obviously I'll be painting up any of the other original character minis  if I can lay my hands on them before I get round to playing the scenarios - however as I am now in a position where I can play the damn thing this seemed as good a time as any to wrap the mini painting side of things up.


There are a few bits of terrain I need to get done yet - a lake, some more trees, bushes and fences, and a nice set of rubber river sections I picked up from the Magnetic Displays stand at Vapnartak earlier this year.

Should make a nice change from squinting down my brush at little lead men...

Oh nad mustn't forget the big group shot!


  1. Congrats Thantsants, that must be very satisfying! Of course, now you can spoil us with sumptuous battle report pics...

  2. Looks great! - Im just so jealous!

  3. Mr Thantsants - you, sir, are an extraordinarily fortunate man! Finishing any painting project is a mammoth effort. Completing such a momentous project as this - just spectacular.

    I submit my heartfelt congratulations to you - well done!

  4. I see now I've committed the horrendous crime of assumption there. Not very PC in the 21st century, I tell you!

    I have no idea what gender you are. I just assumed that a wargamer with the patience and determination to complete such a project was a man. Please accept my humble apologies, if you are not.

  5. Thanks all - very satisfying indeed!

    Mind you playing, photographing and writing up the scenario is going to be a bit of a mammoth task in itself!

    No worries Gaj - I am indeed a bloke!

  6. Belated congratulations on this momentous occasion! It's been very inspirational to read about and I'm equally excited for the battles to begin.

  7. Thanks - Glad you've enjoyed it so far!

    Been busy making scenery for the different scenarios this week so hopefully another update soon...