Friday, 26 August 2011

What's that coming over the hill...

Its only King Fyarr and the Orc tribes of the Northern Wastes off on the warpath! 

Apologies by the way for the blurriness in the centre of the pic - couldn't fit this lot into one decent photo so I had to dust off the cd that came with my fairly ancient camera and tinker round with stitching several shots together with the panorama feature - as you can see I'm a bit rusty!

Anyway, certainly feels good to have this little lot done and dusted and as most of them have been sat in the cabinet waiting for the stagglers to catch up I think I'll review the troops once more now I've got 'em out...

King Fy'arr and his Fy'arr Guard (arf, arf!) 

King Fyarr's old tribe, the Kwae Karr Orcs (30 warriors and 10 archers) - now led by his successor,  Magyar Ironfist (front left) and accompanied by the snivelling shaman, Bagrash (front right)

The Severed Hand Tribe (20 warriors and 10 archers), led by Hagar Sheol (front) and accompanied by Grashak Kra, his faithful Hobhound Handler and his 10 not so faithful Hobhounds

... and finally the Vile Rune Tribe ( 40 Orc warriors), led by Fangor Gripe (front centre), accompanied by Guthrum Mane the alcoholic Rock Giant (the big guy!) and shadowed by the weasly Half Orc spy Silas Meel (front left).

So on with the remainder of the elves - a few of the Wood Elves of Kachass Pass to do and the rest of Brommedir's Bows...


  1. Nice green skins
    Friendly green skins
    LOTS of green skins :-)

    Sweet collection.

    Have a look at for a very good stitching program - the largest I have done is 14 photos wide and no blur or colour distortion (though from a SLR)

  2. Cheers - just had a fiddle with it - the join looks great but I'm having problems getting the exposure (I think) right...

  3. Great looking army. Those were some of the best figures GW produced. Much superior to their current range

  4. Glorious. The sight of so many wondrous old orcs done such justice is enough to make me well up.

    Well played sir!

  5. I have to add my 'voice' of admiration to the sentiments above. That is some great work on some excellent and characterful miniatures.

  6. Thanks for all the kind words chaps - they're keeping me going with the last 15 elves I'm painting up at the mo!

  7. Loving you work... Can you tell us what paints you are using for the orc and goblin skin tones? I have a million orcs waiting for paint...

  8. Cheers Justin - hardly original but I use Vallejo Goblin Green, highlighting by mixing in Moon Yellow and then washing with a mix of green and a little brown vallejo ink.

    Hope that helps!